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Christmas Trees:

Once again December saw the shop move from the Visitors Centre to the Railway Carriage and the arrival of the Christmas trees. There was a steady flow of visitors throughout December with weekends being particularly busy. The new card machine introduced this year was especially useful.

Many of those buying the trees said it was part of their family tradition but there were also new visitors who had been disappointed by supermarket bought trees in the past. As one customer said “I wanted to get one from the forest and help a good cause”.

Members continue to benefit from a 10% discount on presentation of a valid membership card.

As you can see from the photographs snow on the ground made the site look particularly festive but it also brought frozen fingers and toes (and paws). Volunteers gave almost 500 hours of their time to the sale of the trees. Many Thanks go out to all involved.

'Slow' News Day:

This little character was found in the middle of the walkway just up from the visitor centre on 25th August.  It was moved to the side for its own safety.  Slow worms aren’t actually snakes (Neil certainly wouldn’t have picked it up if it had been!) they are legless lizards – proven by their ability to shed their tails and to blink with their eyelids.  This specimen is probably a female – distinguishable by the dark stripe down its back.


Half Term – Fri 16th Feb (1pm to 3pm): Bird Feeders Check out the bird hides, find out about the birds who visit us, then make your own feeder to take home. £1.50 per feeder

EASTER – Fri 6th April (12 noon - 3pm): ‘SCRUFTS’ Bring your pooch along to Guisborough Forest and Walkway’s very own dog show. £1 per dog per activity (all money goes to dog charities)



The ‘Gruffalo’ trail has been replaced by ‘The Highway Rat’ based on the Julia Donaldson book.

As with previous trails there is a Highway Rat activity pack from the visitor centre for £3. Inside you'll find activities, stickers, puzzles and a Highway Rat mask. You'll also get your hands on a crayon, a pencil and a piece of string to help you complete the activities.


As you can see our fish sculpture is starting to look a bit ‘green around the gills’ (sorry!). At the last Friends meeting it was decided to start fundraising in the hope that we can raise enough through donations to commission a replacement. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who you just don’t know what to buy for when it comes to birthdays (or even Mother’s/Father’s Day)or maybe you want to remember someone who enjoyed the Forest Walkway. You could make a donation in their name and it will be displayed on a poster in the noticeboard at the Visitor’s Centre. Or if you wish anonymous donations will also be gratefully accepted. For further information please see Neil.

We also plan to use donations from book sales – so pop into the shop, pick up a book and make your donation.


From February 2018 we are introducing a new membership card – we hope you like the new more robust design.

Contact Guisborough Forest & Walkway on 01287 631132 For details of the numerous other events and guided walks held at the Walkway.